LED Grow Light 1200w

Module design, freely Assemble;

400W /800W / 1200W Powerful Input Wattage;

Up to 3060±3%μmol/s PPF;

Suitable for Big Projects.

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Input Waatage1200W
PPF (Light output)2760µmol/s
PAR Efficacy2.3±3% μmol/J
Input VoltageAC200-277V 50/60Hz
Driver BrandSosen
Light sourceSeoul/OSRAM LEDs
Power Factor>0.95
MaterialADC12 + PC lens
Thermal ManagementPassive Cooling
Mounting Height≥24"(60cm) Above Plant Canopy
Warranty Lifetime5 year | Q90>36,000hrs
CertificationThe DLC / UL8800 / ETL / CE / RoHS Standards
IP RatingUL1598, UL8800-Wet Location, CE-lP65 rated
Ambient Temperature14~104“F(-15~45℃)

Product Details

Luxgrow Top Grow Light LPG was developed by our professional team and selected as the best solution based on extensive greenhouse data. Each part of LPG is specially designed and manufactured, and through research on material matching, high-performance heat dissipation, optics, etc. LPG ceiling lights can help greenhouse growers the most.

LPG top grow lights are suitable for Greenhouse Cannabis. LPG improves return on investment in many ways, including lower energy consumption and improved crop quality. LPG is designed with special materials. Compared with other products, the quality and performance remain the same while its weight is 2KG lighter than similar products. We used a professional spectrum. The LPG series has high PPF and provides powerful lighting effects. This will make the plants grow better.

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