Luxgrow release the new product LPE series

Now, Luxgrow released the new led grow light to the market-----LPE series grow light.Led grow light of LPE series is an indoor led grow light which is designed and developed by Luxgrow after gathering and integrating the performance and installation requirements of customers in the grow light and cannabis industry for Led grow lights over the years.LPE series grow light is mainly designed for the led grow light solutions for indoor plant growth, and LPE series led grow light can be adapted to various planting environments through modular connections.


LPE series led grow light Benifits:

· Module design, according to the needs then add or reduce the quantity of the modules;

· Convenient and quick to install, saving cost and time;

· More economical and practical, compared with traditional led grow light, LPE series more competitive;

· Removable Driver design, more convenient installation and replacement;

· Good heat dissipation, each light 6-15pcs Led grow light bars, PPFD high average average.

· Highppf and ppfd can help client get the high yield of plants

LPE series led grow light spectrums:


LPE series led grow light PPFD Map:



Application: Cannabis

Customers: Vertical growers,Homegrowers,greenhouse growers etc.

Application Stage: Clone stage; Nursery stage; Veg stage; Flowering stage, Booming stage.

Luxgrow releases LPE series led grow light will further optimize and expand the type library of Luxgrow's led grow light lighting products. In the future, Luxgrow will continue to be market-oriented and provide customers with professional LED grow light lighting products and solutions.

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