Luxgrow OKC Canna Con Participation

From March 31st to April 1st, 2023 (US time), OKC Canna Con. Luxgrow participated in Canna Con, we brought professional LED grow plant light products, which are high quality. In the exhibition hall, Luxgrow provides professional and enthusiastic service with LED plant lighting products and solutions. Gain the attention of industry visitors.



At this exhibition, Luxgrow brought the newly developed LPG and many plant growth such as the star product LPU. Luxgrow has been bringing more scientific growth lighting to plant growth lighting with the concept of "Supply Better Energy, Light For Smart Growth." The products we carry especially the new product LPG and the star product LPU are one of the best grow lights.

1.LPG series outdoor greenhouse lighting products

LPG series of outdoor greenhouse lighting products are lighting fixtures developed by our professional team according to the greenhouse planting scene. After special technical research and development and design, LPG can be freely spliced according to the illumination. High-performance heat dissipation, extremely high level of PPF output and photon efficiency greatly help greenhouse planting. It can effectively improve return on investment, reduce lighting energy consumption and increase crop yield. In the overall design, the weight is 2KG lighter than similar products while ensuring the overall quality and performance.


2.LPU series indoor cannabis growing lighting products

LPU series indoor cannabis growing lighting products are Luxgrow's star products in plant growing lighting fixtures. Its portable design and efficient LED growing lighting effects are deeply loved by many outstanding companies in the industry. The LPU uses SAMSUNG and OSRAM lamp beads to produce an extremely high level of PPF output and photon efficiency, which can increase the yield of your plant growth by 30-60%.


In addition, we also brought a variety of products such as LPX / LPA / LPTC / LPN that can be used for cannabis growth lighting and LPTC / LPTX / LPNG / LPNV / LPNS series products that can be used for agricultural growth lighting. Conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with many industry suppliers, manufacturers, farmers, etc.


Luxgrow is willing to provide technical support and service to all customers we meet with professionalism and enthusiasm. Luxgrow has many plans to participate in the exhibition this year, and we will inform you in due course and invite you to visit the venue. See you next time.

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