LED Plant Light 100w

Input wattage 100w, PPF 250μmol/s;

Free combination, Simple installation, Weight less than 1kg;

Professional Spectrum and high yield;

S hook, Faster installation and connection;

For vertical/indoor farms, tomatoes, and cucumbers;

Samsung/Lumileds chips, strong combination;

5 years warranty, best after-sales service.


Input wattage100W
Input Voltage200-440v
Lighting angle120°
Light Source LEDSamsung+Lumileds
Dimming methodNot dimming
Installation methods hook
Product positioningGreenpower lighting

Product Details

LPN production modules are designed for your vertical growing system and are one of the best solutions for new or existing installations. It’s the best helper for indoor vertical planting. such as sweet basil, lettuce, tomato and basil plant, etc.

LPN is a specially designed product by Luxgrow. It is simple to install and easy to put together. Various sortings are possible. The LPN can be placed horizontally or vertically. You can even combine two or three even more together. These allow customers to make very simple pairings with indoor growing. Two-way lights and a Lighting angle of 120 °make plantings more efficient and simpler. We offer a 5-years warranty, and a strong after-sales service guarantees your plantings.

LPN with the professional spectrum and LPN provides input wattage 50W-100W-200W different modes, it can provide 250-500 PPF and 2.8μmol/s PPE to ensure the growth of plants. LPN uses Samsung and Lumileds chips. these combinations make planting more efficient and high yield. Save labor costs, reduce investment, and get more return on investment. These allow investors to obtain more benefits. The Luxgrow LPN series production modules are optimized for closed climate-controlled growing facilities, such as urban/vertical farms, and breeding and research centers that use multi-layer growing systems to grow crops.

The Luxgrow LPN, is a performance you can count on, It is professional and efficient. LPN is one of your best choices.

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