LED Plant Light 640w

640W / 800W Powerful Input Wattage;

High PPE 2.8μmol/s, Best with CO2 Added;

Blade Cooler Design, Good Heat Dissipation;

California Biggest Greenhouse Farm Choice.

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Input Waage640W
PPF(Light output)1792μmol/s
PAR Efficacy2.8μmol/]
Input ColtageAC100-277V,50/60Hz
Driver BrandSosen
Light SourceDomestic Chips
Power Factor>0.99
Thermal ManagementPassive Cooling
Mounng Height≥20"(60cm)Above Plant Canopy
Warranty/Lifeme5 years | Q90>36,000hrs
CerficationsThe DLC/UL8800/ETL/CE/RoHS Standards
IP RangUL1598, UL8800-Wetlocaon, CE-P65 rated
Ambient Temperature14~104°F(-10~40°C)

Product Details

LPTC640S-TT is our new product. Adopt the latest and best design. Not only for indoor cultivation but also suitable for greenhouse cultivation.

LPTC640S-TT is suitable for cucumbers and tomatoes. The LPTC640S-TT improves ROI in many ways, including reduced energy consumption and improved crop quality. We used a professional spectrum. A higher percentage of blue wavelengths in the spectrum increases secondary metabolites, and a broad spectrum promotes vigorous growth as the plant needs to change. And the LPTC series has high PPF, providing powerful lighting effects. This will make the plant grow better.

The Luxgrow LPTC640S-TT is designed for hard work. Durable and easy to clean. And has good heat dissipation performance, and a particular moisture-proof function. The LPTC640S-TT uses lightweight materials, which makes it not very heavy. It is lightweight and easy to install and saves labor costs. Choosing LPTC640S-TT will bring you less investment and more return.

The Luxgrow LPTC640S-TT, the performance you can count on, is professional and efficient. LPTC640S-TT is one of your best choices.

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